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The Scottish name of Calhoun comes from the Gaelic term ‘cuil’ and ‘coil’ which means a corner or nook. Variations in spelling for Calhoun include Kulhoun, Calhoon, Cowquthone, Cohoon, Collune, Colhoon, Cahoun, Kalhoun and Calhoun. In England the beginning for the Calhoun families was in Lancashire county. The only other general location with individuals named Calhoun was the city of London and Sussex county. In Scotland the Calhoun families first appeared in the Datriada Kingdom of Scotland, near Aberdeenshire and Angus. There are many also in Renfrewshire county. Many Calhoun families left Scotland and resettled in Ireland. Within the United States the Calhoun families primarily lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Texas, California and New York. Famous: John C. Calhoun (U. S. Vice President under John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson), William Calhoun (professional wrestler), John Calhoun (Apple Macintosh software developer), Jermie Calhoun (professional football player), Ann Marie Calhoun (professional violinist) and James Calhoun (along with General George Custer, his brother-in-law, James was killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn).

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