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The surname has English, Irish and Scottish origins. A variant of the name Kerr, which is of Northern English and Scottish origin, is a name for someone who lived near a patch of wet ground overgrown with brushwood. The Irish Gaelic form is ‘O’Carra’ which means spear. The other Irish form is Gaelic "MacGiolla Chathair", which is son of the servant of Cathar, a personal name derived from "cath", which means battle.

Additional spellings include: Ker, Carr, Carre

Those in the Carr families were mostly farmers.

Locations in England with Carr families are counties Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire. Within the United States, the Carr families were in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan.

Famous: Brendan Carr (Irish politician), Edwin Carr (New Zealander composer), Cathy Carr (singer), Ian Carr (Scottish jazz musician, composer, writer, & educator), Eric Carr (professional Heavyweight boxer), Laurie Carr (model and actress), Terry G. Carr (science fiction author) and William Louis Carr (American Medal of Honor recipient in 1900).

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