Carrillo Family Name


A Spanish surname the Carrillo family name originated in the Kingdom of Castile, Spain. It came from the word ‘carril’ which means a cart or pathway for a cart. The name ‘Carrillo’ refers to a small cart. There is also the form of ‘carro’ which refers to a person’s jaw.

Spelling variations for Carrillo include Carillo, Carriello, Cariello and Carril.

In Spain, the Carrillo family name is popular in Castile, Soria, Navarre, Andalucia, Palecia and Logronno. In Latin America the Carrillo name is found in Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Venezuela.

Only in Lancashire, England is there any significant number of Carrillo families.
California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, New York and Arizona within the United States have a higher percentage of Carrillo families.

Famous: Don Jose Roberto Carrillo (18th century explorer and early settler in California), Braulio Carrillo (19th century leader of Costa Rica), Charles M. Carrillo (artist and author), Armando Ortega Carrillo (musician conductor, tenor, composer and poet of Mexico) and Santiago Carrillo (head of the communist party in Spain).

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