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An English surname, Carver comes from the Old English term ‘ceorfan’ which meant to carve or cut wood or stone. There is the Middle English term ‘kerve’ which also means to cut. The spelling variations for Carver include Carvar, Carvere, Carber and Carever. The Irish spellings of Carver are Carvey and McCarver. German spellings for Carver would be Koerber, Gerber and Garber. In England the Carver surname covers most of the country and the southern and eastern p0ortions of Wales. The counties with the greater Carver populations are Sussex, Essex, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Surrey, Durham, Lancashire and the city of London. In Scotland the Carver families primarily lived in the Perthshire, Angus, Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire counties. Within the United States the first Carver families settled in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Famous: Robert Carver (English sailing champion), George Washington Carver (inventor and botanist using peanuts), Raymond Carver (poet and short story writer), Dante Carver (actor), Jonathan Carver (18th century explorer for the Northwest Passage), Jeffrey Carver (science fiction writer) and John Carver (Governor of the 1620 ship Mayflower and signer of the Mayflower Compact).

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