Chang Family Name


A Chinese surname the Chang family name originated in China, part of the Mandarin language. The name means to prosper and flourish plus something is ordinary.

Spelling variations for Chang include Zhang, Chiang, Zoeng, Cheung, Chong and Cheong. In the Philippines the Chang name is written Tiu and Tiong. In Korea, the Chang name is written Jang. In Vietnamese the Chang name is written Truong. On the island of Taiwan the name is Teo, Teoh, Thio and Tiew.

A very popular surname in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian locations. Overall, it is the third most common Chinese name.

In England the Chang name is found in London, Surrey, Somerset, Devon, Yorkshire and Lancashire counties. In Scotland the only region with the Chang name is Lanarkshire.

The states of Hawaii, New York and California have the greater populations of the Chang surname in the United States.

Famous: Chang Yu-sheng (singer, producer and music composer from Taiwan), Jeff Chang (singer), Angela Chang (actress), Eileen Chang (screen writer and novelist), Maggie Chang (actress), Michael Chang (champion tennis player), Jung Chang (biography writer) and Iris Chang (journalist and historian).

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