Clemons Family Name


An English surname, Clemons comes from the Latin term ‘clemens‘ which refers to a kindhearted and placid, and calm person. The spelling variations for Clemons include Clime, Clements, Clemens and Clement. In England the earliest Clemons families lived along the border with England and Wales. The areas with the greatest populations named Clemons include Cornwall, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Herefordshire and Yorkshire. In Scotland the main location for those with the Clemons surname is Midlothian county. Within the United States the original settlers with the Clemons name lived in Virginia, New York, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee. Famous: Chris Clemons (professional football player), Clarence Clemons (musician and actor), Charles Fitzgerald Clemons (professional football player), Lance Levis Clemons (professional baseball player), Duane Anthony Clemons (professional football player) and Jane Clemons (politician representative in Congress for New Hampshire).

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