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Originally Cline was in the German form of Klein and was also adopted for Scottish and Irish and used as Clyne. Variations in spelling Cline include Clyne, Kleyn, Klejna and Klein. In England Cline families are primarily in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Essex, the city of London, Kent, Devon and Warwickshire. In Scotland the southwest end in Wigtownshire has a high population of Cline surnames. They are also in Midlothian, Angus and Lanarkshire. In Ireland the County Roscommon has many people with the Cline surname. Within the United States many Cline families originated out of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Kansas and California. Famous: Maggie Cline (Irish singer), Patsy Cline (singer, whose birth name was Virginia Hensley), Ty Cline (professional baseball player), Ernest Cline (screenwriter), Catherine Ann Cline (non-fiction author), Leticia Cline (model and female wrestler), Ollie Cline (professional football player) and Martin Cline (genetics scientist).

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