Coffey Family Name


An Irish surname, Coffey comes from the Gaelic term ‘cobhthach’ which means triumphant and winning. The spelling variations for Coffey include Coffy, Cauffy, Coffeye, Coughey, Cauffie, Coffay and Caughey. In Ireland the Coffey family name originated in County Cork. Many Coffey families later resettled in the United States in the 19th century. In England the Coffey surname is lightly scattered in various locations across the country. The higher percentage of Coffey families live in the city of London and in Lancashire. In Scotland the Coffey family name is concentrated in Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Fife and Angus counties. Within the United States early Coffey families lived in Virginia, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. Famous: Jack Coffey (professional baseball player), Denise Coffey (actress from England), Brian Coffey (poet from Ireland), Paul Douglas Coffey (professional ice hockey player from Canada), Kellie Coffey (singer and songwriter), Aeneas Coffey (19th century developer in Ireland of the Coffey Still for producing pure grain and blended whiskey), Todd Coffey (professional baseball player), Susanna Coffey (artist) and Dennis Coffey (musician – guitar).

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