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An English surname the family name of Cole is a form of the name Nicholas. From the Old English is the 'col' which was also spelled cola and referred to a person with a dark, swarthy or dirty appearance. The Norse form was Koli. In England the surname originated in Cornwall region.

With the Scottish and Irish form of Cole it came from 'mccool.' In France the Cole surname came from the name Charbonneau.

Additional spellings for Cole are Coal, Coalas, Coles, and Coale.

In Germany the spelling for Cole would be Kohl. In Scotland and Ireland the spelling is McCool.

A few areas in Scotland with the Cole surname are generally in Lanarkshire county.
The southern counties of England have the more frequent use of the Cole surname, especially around London.

In the United States, the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York New Jersey and Maryland have the highest percentage of residents with the Cole surname.

Famous: Buddy Cole (musician), Duncan Cole (football player from New Zealand), Eric Kirkham Cole (founder of the English company ‘EKCO’), Joseph J. Cole (pioneer in auto manufacturing), Nat King Cole (singer), William Carey Cole (American Naval Admiral), Martina Cole (British novelist) and Rebecca Cole (pioneer female doctor).

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