Coleman Family Name


An Irish and English surname of Coleman comes from the language has the surname as 'Ó Clumháin' which means a descendant of Clumhán. It comes from the form of 'clumh' which means down and feathers. From Old English the name Coleman is 'col' meaning charcoal and 'mann' which refers to a man. The Coleman surname means a gatherer of coal or a burner of coal. In England it can also be the another name for a servant of a Cole family.

Additional spellings include Colman, Kalman, Kohlmann and Kuhlmann. In Italian the surname is Columbano and in French it is Colombain. In the Czech language, Coleman is written Kollman and in Hungarian the surname is Kalman.

Very few with the Coleman surname live in Scotland, with just a few in the Lanarkshire county. In England, most Colemans located in the London area and southeast to Kent and Sussex. There are additional Colemans in Yorkshire and Lancashire. In Ireland the Coleman surname is very common and all across the island.

More than half of all states in the United States have a high percent of Coleman families. Most regions with lessen numbers are the New England states and the far west along the Rocky Mountains.

Famous: Dabney Coleman (actor), Francis M. Coleman (19th century pioneer in Nebraska), Norris Colman (professional basketball player), Martin Coleman (Irish hurler), Charles Coleman (19th century English artist), Bessie Coleman (early 20th century female aviator), William D. Coleman (president of Liberia), Thomas Coleman (17th century clergyman of England).

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