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An Irish surname, Conway comes from the Gaelic language. The original term was ‘condmach’ which means free quarters or housing. The spelling variations for Conway include McConway, Conboy, Convey and O’Conway. In England the counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Durham have the greater Conway populations. In Ireland the Conway surname is mostly in County Donegal and County Connacht. In Scotland the Conway name is across the southern half of the country. Most live in Lanarkshire, Angus, Midlothian and Renfrewshire. Within the United States the Conway surname primarily has been in New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, California, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. Famous: Tim Conway (actor and comic), Deborah Ann Conway (songwriter, actress and singer), Gary Conway (screenwriter and actor), Mike Conway (English race car driver), Gerry Conway (comic book writer), Jim Conway (professional baseball player), Kevin Conway (ice hockey player of Canada), Martin Conway (English author) and Russ Conway (famous pianist).

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