Copeland Family Name


An English surname, Copeland, from the Old Norse term of ‘kaupa-land’ which meant bought land. The name is found in Scotland also. Spelling variations for Copeland include Copland, Coapland and Coupland. The area of Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire in northern England is where most Copeland families originated. In Scotland the name is mostly in Lanarkshire and Midlothian counties. In the United States Copeland families are mostly in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Alabama and Tennessee. Famous: Miles Axe Copeland III (founder of I. R. S. records in the United States), Al Copeland (founder of Popeyes Chicken Restaurants), Les C. Copeland (music composer), William T. Copeland (19th century manufacturer of fine bone china in England) and George Copeland (pianist).

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