Cox Family Name


An Irish, Welsh, English and French surname the family name of Cox comes from the term ’cock’ or ‘cocc’ which means little. It can also refer to a term of endearment as in praise of a leader. In the Welsh term of ‘coch‘, it means the color red. In French is the term ‘coq’ which refers to a location.

Other spelling forms for Cox are Coxe, Coxen, Coxon and Cocks.

In England most with the Cox surname live in the London area. There are scattering of the Cox surname in the central and northern regions of England.

Within the United States the Cox families are in Oklahoma, California, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and New York.

Famous: Barbara Cox (female soccer player in New Zealand), Fred Cox (professional football player), Courteney Cox (actress), Emily Cox (Australian conductor and choir director), John Cox (cartoonist), Joseph Buford Cox (inventor of special chain saws), Mark Cox (English tennis player), Pamela Cox (author), Wally Cox (actor) and William Cox (19th century pioneer in New South Wales, Australia).

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