Crawford Family Name


A Northern Ireland, Scottish and English surname of Crawford comes from the Old English term of ‘craw’ which means crow and the term ’ford’ which means by a stream.

Additional Crawford spellings are Crofoot, Crofford, Cruford, Crawfford, Craufurd and Crowfoot.

In Scotland most Crawfords live in Lanarkshire county. In England the counties of Dorset and Lancashire are high in in the number of Crawford families.

Within the United States the Crawford families live in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Famous: Cindy Crawford (model), Hugh Crawford (13th century sheriff and knight of Ayrshire, Scotland), Jamal Crawford (professional basketball player), Joan Crawford (actress), Marc Crawford (ice hockey player and coach for Canada), Sam Crawford (professional baseball player), Jackie Crawford (early English footballer) and Francis M. Crawford (19th century writer).

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