Curry Family Name


A Scottish and Irish surname the Curry family name comes from the Irish form of ‘Corr’ and the Scottish form of ‘Currie’. The Gaelic term was ‘curraigh’. The names can refer to a marshland or a spear. From the original Gaelic name of MacMhurich came a more Anglicized for being Curry.

Spelling variations for Curry include Currie, MacVurich and Currey,

A popular Irish form of Curry is spelled O’Curry. The Curry family name, along with Corr and Corry, are popular in Ulster, Scotland. Additional locations in Scotland are Midlothian, Kintyre, Berwickshire, Dumfries-shire, Stirlingshire, the Isles and Arran. In England the Curry name is in the northern regions of Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire and Lancashire counties.

The Curry name is located across the eastern half of the United States, mostly in Texas, Alabama, New York Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Famous: Bruce Curry (champion boxer), Ann Curry (TV journalist), Dell Curry (professional basketball player), Don ‘D.C.’ Curry (actor and comic), Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry (Civil War officer in the Confederate States Army), Manfred Curry (designer of sailboats), Tim Curry (English actor), Jane Louise Curry (writer), Eddy Curry (professional basketball player) and Chris Curry (co-founder of Corn Computers).

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