Dalton Family Name


An English and Irish surname, Dalton comes from the Old English term of ’doel’, and ’tun’ which mean a valley settlement. Variations in spelling for Dalton include Daughton, Daulton and Dawton. In England the Dalton surname originated in northern and southeastern England. Many Dalton families reside in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Kent, city of London, Cumberland and Westmoreland. In Scotland the counties of Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Ayrshire and Perthshire have the greater Dalton populations. Within the United States the Dalton surname is primarily located in New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, California, West Virginia, Ohio, and Tennessee. Famous: Irene Dalton (actress), Michael Dalton (writer), Timothy Dalton (English actor), Lional Dalton (professional football player), Andy Dalton (rugby player from New Zealand), John Dalton (19th century English chemist) and Festus Dalton (professional wrestler).

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