Dillard Family Name


An English and Irish surname, Dillard comes from the Middle English terms ‘dull’ and ‘ard’ which refer to an unintelligent person. The spelling variations for Dillard include Dillardt, Dollart, Dilard, Dollard, Dillards and Dolard. In England there is a modest scattering of the Dillard surname. The original Dillard families came from France and settled in the Wiltshire region of England. Over the years most have come to reside in Yorkshire, Devon, the city of London, Worcestershire and Staffordshire. In Scotland the main population center for those with the Dillard surname is in Lanarkshire county. Within the United States most with the Dillard family name live in the southern states. Those states with the great Dillard numbers include Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. Famous: Annie Dillard (author winning the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction), Jarett Dillard (professional football player), Richard H. W. Dillard (poet), Mickey Dillard (professional baseball player), Victoria Dillard (television actress), Doug Dillard (musician - banjo), John Dillard (pioneer in Buncombe County, North Carolina and later establishing the town of Dillard in Georgia), William T. Dillard (founder of Dillard’s Dept. Store), Steve Dillard (professional baseball player) and George Dillard (born in Wiltshire, England but became an early settler to the Virginia Colony in 1650).

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