Doyle Family Name


An Irish and English surname, the Doyle family name was from the Gaelic name of O’Dubhghaill, which meant the son of Dubhghall. The name can also refer to a black stranger. That stranger being the invading Vikings (Danes and Norwegians).
Spelling variations for Doyle can be McDowell, O’Doyle, Doyill, Doile, Doill, Doyel and McDougall.
Doyle is a common surname in Ireland especially in Wexford, Dublin, Kerry, Cork, Wicklow and Carlow. The surname first appeared in Leinster.

In Scotland the Doyle surname is scattered across the land, but mostly centered in Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Angus. In England and Wales the Doyle family name is all across the two regions. It greatest concentration is in Lancashire, London and Yorkshire.

Within the United States the Doyle family name is in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Michigan and Illinois.

Famous: Allen Doyle (professional golfer), Eddie Doyle (professional football player), Arthur Conan Doyle (English writer of detective fiction), Patrick Doyle ( music composer from Scotland), Geraldine Doyle (model), Richard Doyle (19th century illustrator), Jack Doyle (late 19th and early 20th century baseball player), John Doyle songwriter and musician from Ireland), Mike Doyle (actor), Thomas Doyle (soccer player of Ireland) and John Doyle (comic from Australia).

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