Duran Family Name


A Spanish, Italian, English, Scottish and French surname the Duran family name comes from the Old French and meant enduring and lasting.

Spelling variations for Duran include Durant, Durand, Durrane, Durande, Durant and Durante. The Polish and Czech spellings would be Dura.

In Spain and Latin American countries such as Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela the Duran surname is popular.
In England the Duran name is found in the city of London, Warwickshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire counties. In Scotland mostly in Lanarkshire is where Duran families reside.
The states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and California within the United States have many Duran families.

Famous: Dan Duran (professional baseball player), Roberto Duran (professional boxer from Panama), George Duran (entertainer and celebrated chef), Diego Duran (16th century chronicler writer about the Aztec Indians) and Carolus Duran (artist from France).

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