Durham Family Name


An English surname, Durham comes from the Old English and Norse terms ‘dun’ and ‘holmr’ and ‘holme’ which means a hilly island. The spelling variations for Durham include Durrame, Dirom and Durehame. In England the Durham surname is scattered across most of the country. The areas with the greatest populations are Durham, Yorkshire, city of London, Middlesex, Somerset and Lanarkshire. In Scotland the Durham name originated in Dumfries-shire region. It is later spread into Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Stirlingshire, Renfrewshire, Wigtownshire and East Lothian. Within the United States the Durham families originated in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York. Famous: Judith Durham (singer from Australia), Ray Durham (professional baseball player), Bartlett S. Durham (19th century doctor who donated land for the creation of the town of Durham in North Carolina), Rhea Durham (fashion model), Jim Durham (sports broadcaster), Bobby Durham (musician), David Anthony Durham (novelist) and Leon Durham (professional baseball player).

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