Ellison Family Name


An English and German surname, Ellison comes from the Greek term ‘elias’ and the Old German term ‘elisind’ which refer to someone who is kind. The spelling variations for Ellison include Ellis, Elias, Elison, Elyson, Ellerson and Elleson. In England the Ellison family name is found primarily in Yorkshire, Durham, Lanarkshire and Cheshire. In Scotland the counties of Lanarkshire, Perthshire, Inverness-shire and Fife have the greater population of Ellison families. Within the United States the Ellis surname originated in New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Alabama and Florida. Famous: Ralph Waldo Ellison (writer), Eileen Ellison (English race car driver), James Ellison (actor), Atiyyah Ellison (professional football player), Harlan Ellison (science fiction writer), Larry Ellison (co-founder of Oracle Corp. makers of computer software), Riki Ellison (professional football player), Jennifer Ellison (English actress) and George Edwin Ellison (last English soldier killed during World War I).

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