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Erickson Family Name


A Scandinavian surname dating back for centuries, the Erickson family name is also found in the many regions they early people explored or conquered. The name comes from the Norse term of ’eirikr’ which means to rule or with power.

Spellings variations for Erickson include Ericsson, Ericson, Erichsen, Eriksson, Eriksen and Ericsson.

The northern regions of England have many with the Erickson surname, primarily in Northumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Yorkshire and in the city of London. In Wales the region of Glamorgan has many with the Erickson surname. Just in Angus and Midlothian is there any population of residents with the Erickson surname.

Within the United States most Erickson families are in Illinois, Minnosota, Wisconsin,Iowa, Michigan Washington, New York and California.

Famous: Scott Erickson (professional baseball player), Leif Erickson (actor), Rica Erickson (author from Australia), Bill Erickson (professional basketball player), John C. Erickson (founder of the Erickson Retirement Communities) and Robert Erickson (music composer).

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