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An English and Irish surname, Estes comes from the Old English term of ‘este’ which means of the East direction. The Latin term ‘esutachius’ means fruitful. The spelling variations for Estes include Eastes, Eustace, Easte, Eustis, Eustice, Est and East. In England the earliest Estes families were in the Kent region. They resettled in the city of London, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Oxfordshire and north to Lancashire. In Ireland many of the Estes families live in the County Kildare region. Within the United States the Estes family originated in the southern states, mostly in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Some other states such as New York, Maine, Oregon and California have many with the Estes name. Famous: Bob Estes (professional golfer), Patrick Estes (professional football player), W. W. Estes (founder of Estes Express Lines for shipping products), Vernon Estes (founder of Estes Industries, which produce model rockets), Simon Estes (singer), Wayne Estes (professional basket ball player), John Estes (poet) and John ‘Sleepy John’ Estes (musician).

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