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An Irish surname, Fitzpatrick comes from the Gaelic term ‘giolla phadraig’ which referred to a devotee of Saint Patrick. The spelling variations for Fitzpatrick include Kilpatrick, MacGilpatrick, Macilpatrick, Mclipatrick, Fitz, Fitzpatricks and McGilpatrick. In Ireland the Fitzpatrick family name originated in Ossory (originally spelled Osraighe), in south-central portion of the country, part of County Kilkenny and County Laois. The Fitzpatrick name became popular all across Ireland. After the 1840s many Fitzpatrick families resettled in Australia, the United States and Canada. In England and Wales the Fitzpatrick surname cover vast portions of both countries. The greater Fitzpatrick populations live in Yorkshire, Lancashire, the city of London and in Glamorgan, Wales. In Scotland the Fitzpatrick family name is across most of the country. The greater populations of Fitzpatrick families live in Midlothian, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Perthshire and Ayrshire. Within the United States the original Fitzpatrick families settled in Virginia, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Famous: Alfred Fitzpatrick (founder of Frontier College in 1899 in Canada), James A. Fitzpatrick (movie film producer), Colleen Fitzpatrick (authority genealogist using forensics), Rory Fitzpatrick (professional ice hockey football player), Tony Fitzpatrick (artist), Sean Fitzpatrick (professional rugby player from New Zealand), John Fitzpatrick (1st Earl of Upper Ossory), Jim Fitzpatrick (Irish Celtic artist) and Benjamin Fitzpatrick (19th century Governor and U. S. Senator from Alabama).

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