Ford Family Name


An English surname the Ford family name comes from the Old English of 'ford'. This refers to someone living near a stream called a ford.

Other spellings include Foran, Foord, Foard, Forde and Fforde.

The German form of Ford is Furth.

Scotland has Ford families in the centered region, generally in Lanarkshire and Midlothian counties. In England, the Ford surname is very common and widespread from the southern border to near the Scottish border. Those English counties with the highest numbers are Lancashire and in the London area.

Within the United States, the Ford families are mostly from the southern plains states eastward to the Atlantic coast. Those states with the greater percentage of Ford families include Ohio, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania.

Famous: Gerald Ford (U. S. President), Jack Ford (TV news reporter), Tennessee Ernie Ford (actor), Henry Ford (auto industrialist), Whitey Ford (professional baseball player), Brian J. Ford (English scientist), Clinton Ford (artist) and Harrison Ford (film actor).

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