Fowler Family Name


The English surname of Fowler is based on the occupation of being a bird-catcher, which was a common medieval occupation. The Middle English word was fogelere or  foulere. The Old English form was fugelere, which was a derivative of fugol  which meant ‘bird’.

In the United States the majority of Fowler surnames are in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, California, Kentucky and Georgia.

In England, Fowler families are mostly in Lancashire and Yorkshire counties.

In 1880s most Fowler families were farmers.

Famous: Edward Fowler (17th century English churchman, Bishop of Gloucester), Thomas Fowler (19th century English inventor), Henry the Fowler (Duke of Saxony and King of the Germans 861 AD to 936 AD), Edmund John Fowler (Irish soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross), Robert George Fowler (aviation pioneer), Charlie Fowler (American mountain climber, writer, and photographer), Jesse Fowler (professional baseball player), Calvin Fowler (Olympic basketball player) and Jim Fowler (zoologist and television personality).

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