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An Irish, English and German surname for the family name of Fox came from the Gaelic name of O’Sionnaigh which came from the word ’sionnach’ which meant a fox.

Spelling forms for Fox are McFox, Foxe, McShinnock, Foxx, McShinagh and McShanaghy.

In Ireland, most with the Fox surname live in Limerick. In the 19th century many resettled in Canada, especially in Newfoundland.

England has those with the Fox surname in Yorkshire, London, Norfolk, Kent and Lancashire.
The Scottish counties of Lanarkshire and Angus have the highest percentage of those with the Fox name.

In the United States the Fox surname is primarily found in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Michigan.

Famous: Michael J. Fox (actor from Canada), William Fox (founder of Fox Film Corp.), Vicente Fox (president of Mexico), Gill Fox (cartoonist), Megan Fox (actress), Allen Fox (professional tennis player), Billy Fox (professional boxer), Gardner Fox (writer), Matthew Fox (actor), Steve Fox (singer and songwriter) and Deryck Fox (English rugby player and coach).

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