Freeman Family Name


An English surname, the Freeman family name refers to an individual not working for a master as a serf.
An Irish form in Gaelic is Ó Saoraidhe which later became Seery.

Spellings variations for Freeman are Foisy, Foissy, Freimann and Frieman.

Most with the Freeman surname live in the central and southern areas of Scotland, especially in Lanarkshire. In England, most with the Freeman surname live in the southern region, especially near London.

Within the United States more than half of the country has large numbers of the surname of Freeman. Most are in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Texas.

Famous: Edward A. Freeman (19th century English historian), Morgan Freeman (actor), Paul Freeman (singer and songwriter from Wales), John Freeman (early 20th century baseball player), Robin Freeman (professional golfer), Ralph Freeman (English bridge designer) and Alfred Percy Freeman (cricketer from Kent, England).

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