Gardner Family Name


An English and Scottish surname of Gardner comes from a German form of Gartner. It refers to one working the land or garden.

A French form of the name is Gardiner.

Spellings variations for Gardner include Gardinier, Gardyner, Gardenar, Gardiner and Gardener.

In London, England and Lancashire are the higher populated regions with the Gardner surname. The Scottish regions in the southern portion have the greater numbers of Gardner families.

The Gardner surname in the United States is mostly in Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania, but also are found across most of the southern states like Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia.

Famous: Archibald Gardner (19th century American western explorer), John Gardner (spy and mystery writer), Guy Gardner ( American astronaut), Helen Gardner (actress), Larry Gardner (professional baseball player), Rob Gardner (musician), Percy Gardner (English archaeologist) and Leonard Gardner (writer).

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