Gill Family Name


An English and Scottish surname the Gill family name from the Middle English term of ‘gil’ refers to a person living by a ravine or deep glen. From the Hebrew the term ‘gil’ also means joy.

Spelling variations of Gill include Gills, Gyil, Gille and Gylls. The Dutch spelling of Gill is Giles and a German spelling would be Gilger.

Gill is a common name in Punjab, India. The Sikh name means moisture and prosper.
In England the Gill name is mostly in London, Lancashire and Yorkshire. In Scotland the Gill name is in the eastern regions of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Banffshire and further south in Lanarkshire.
The Gill family name is scattered across the central and eastern portions of the United States. The states with the higher populations include Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Famous: Bobby Gill (race car driver), Duane Gill (professional wrestler), George Gill (professional baseball player), Ken Gill (rugby player from England), Madge Gill (artist), Priya Gill (Bollywood actress of India), Robin Gill (journalist of Canada), Vince Gill (singer), Piara Singh Gill (Indian scientist in nuclear cosmic ray physics and part of the Manhattan Project) and Samuel Thomas Gill (19th century artist in Australia).

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