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Origin of the surname of Glenn is Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh. The Gaelic terms of ‘glyn’ and ‘gleann’ which means a valley. Variations in spelling for Glenn include Glennie, Glenny, McGlynn, Glynn, Glinn, Glyn, Glany and Glenne. In England the families with the Glenn surname primarily live in the northern region of England around Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and down into Warwickshire and the city of London. In Scotland mostly in Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire counties is where the Glenn surname is located, but did originate in Peebleshire. In Ireland the Glenn families mostly live in Donegal. The Glenn surname is common also in Sweden because many Glenn families moved from Scotland to Sweden. Within the United States the Glenn surname is strongest in population figures in Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia and Missouri. Famous: John Glenn (astronaut and US Senator), Scott Glenn (actor), Terry Glenn (professional football player), Aaron Glenn (professional football player), Christopher Glenn (radio and TV journalist), Glen Glenn (singer), Tyree Glenn (musician) and Ed Glenn (professional baseball player).

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