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A German, English, Welsh and Irish surname, the Goff name comes from the Old German term ‘goff’ which means a priest, god-like person or a powerful warrior. The spelling variations for Goff include Gough, Goffstein, McGoof, Goffe, Gaugh, Gawf and McGough. Over the majority of England are Goff families. Most are residences in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Norfolk, Essex, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Dorset and Devon counties. In Scotland the southern regions of Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Midlothian have the greater Goff populations. Within the United States the early Goff families settled primarily in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, and Mississippi. Famous: Mike Goff (professional baseball player and then manager), Liam Goff (professional English footballer), Stan Goff (author), Robert Lionel Archibald Goff (Baron Goff of Chieveley in the English County of Berkshire, a judge), Trish Goff (fashion model), Phil Goff (head of the New Zealand Labour Party), Robert Lamar Goff (professional football player), Bruce Goff (architect of major buildings in Illinois and Oklahoma) and Jonathan Goff (professional football player).

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