Graham Family Name


A and English surname of Graham originally came from the Midlothian region in Scotland. The Scottish form was spelled 'de Graham'.and 'de Grahame'.

Additional spellings for Graham include Graeme, Grame, Grantham, Greum, Grandham, Greumach and Granham.

The states of New York Illinois, California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania within the United States have the most individuals with the Graham surname.

The counties of Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland, Lancashire and Yorkshire along with London in England have very high numbers of individuals with the Graham surname. The surname in Scotland is along the English border in the counties of Dumfries-shire and Lanarkshire.

Famous: Billy Graham (evangelist), James Gillespie Graham (19th century Scottish architect), Arthur ‘Skinny’ Graham (professional baseball player), Katharine Graham (head of the Washington Post newspaper), George Graham (18th century English clockmaker), Martha Graham (professional dancer and choreographer) and Sylvester Graham (19th century inventor of graham flour and crackers).

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