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A Scottish, English and French surname of Grant originated from the Old French of ‘graund’ and ‘graunt’ which meant sizable, large, tall and elder The Old English form was ‘granta’.
The Latin form is ‘grandis’ which also means large.

In Germany the Grant surname would be Grandt and Grand.

Spelling variations for Grant include Grante, Grannd, Grantt and Graunt.

In Scotland, the Grant surname is very common and spread all across the land. It is high populated in the northern regions of Moray, Inverness-shire and Aberdeenshire.
In England the greatest concentration of Grant families is in London, Kent, Hampshire, Somerset, Yorkshire and Lancashire counties.

The southern states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee within the United States have high population of Grant families. There are also many in Massachusetts and New York.

Famous: Cary Grant (film actor), Amy Grant (singer), Horace Grant (professional basketball player), Hugh Grant (film actor), Richard Grant science fiction writer), William Grant (founder of William Grant & Son manufacturing Scotch whiskey), Michael Grant (professional boxer), John Grant (soccer player for Scotland), Jane Grant (co-founder of The New Yorker magazine) and George Franklin Grant (19th century inventor of the wooden golf tee).

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