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A and Irish surname of Griffin it came from the medieval Latin form of '', which referred to the Welsh given name of . The Middle English term of 'gryphon' refers to a fierce and dangerous individual. Irish Gaelic word of 'Ó Gríobhtha' refers to a descendant of Gríobhtha. From O' Gríobhtha" it has been changed to 'Griffey and Griffey.

In Sweden the surname would be Grip and Griphuvud. Other spellings of Griffith are MacGrifin, Griffey, O'Griffy, Griffen, Griffith and O'Griffen.

In Scotland the Griffin families are most in the southern area, especially in Lanarkshire county. Griffin as a surname is located in Lancashire, Yorkshire, London and then all the counties bordering Wales and continuing down to Hampshire and Somerset counties.

The Southern states in the United States have many with the Griffin surname. The highest numbers are in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.

Famous: Blake Griffin (professional basketball player), Danny Griffin (footballer of Northern Ireland), Charles Griffin (Civil War Union general), Kathy Griffin (female comedian), Merv Griffin (entertainer and TV producer), Nick Griffin (leader of the British National Party), Tomas Griffin (English boxer), Quentin Griffin (professional football player) and Lynne Griffin (actress from Canada).

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