Gutierrez Family Name


A Spanish surname, Gutierrez refers to the son of Gutierre (same as son of Walter). The name Gutierre signifies he who rules or does battle with a sword.

Several other spellings for Gutierrez include Butierres, Gutierres, Butierrez, Guterrez, Guterres, Guteres and Guterez.

Spain’s population is high in the number of families with the Gutierrez surname. There are numerous Hispanic countries; like Mexico, Cuba, Columbia, Bolivia and Puerto Rico with the Gutierrez name.

In England the Gutierrez surname is mostly in London and Cheshire county. Gutierrez in the United States is found in the southwest states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Famous: Sidney M. Gutierrez ( U. S. astronaut), Cesar Gutierrez (baseball player from Venezuela), Donald Gutierrez (writer), Judith Gutierrez (artist), Lucio Gutierrez (president of Ecuador), Richard Gutierrez (actor in the Philippines) and Jorge Gutierrez (Cuban boxer).

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