Guzman Family Name


The Spanish surname of Guzmán maybe from a Germanic personal name. The term Guzmán refers to a good man, a lord or nobleman. It can be a cadet or nobleman who served in the military. This ancient surname is found in all parts of Spain, especially in the region of Burgos and throughout the Hispanic world.

Another spelling form is Gusman. The Portuguese form is Gusmao.

In England the Guzman surname is in Lincolnshire and London. Within the United States it is mostly in Texas.

Many Guzman families lived in Cuba, Venezuela and Spain.

The common occupation in the 1880s for the Guzman family members was as a laborer.

Famous: Fernan Perez de Guzman (Medieval Castilian nobleman, historian and genealogist), Leo Guzman (Spanish conquistador), Jose Guzman (Venezuelan boxer), Pablo Guzman (American television reporter), Julian de Guzman (Canadian soccer player), Felipe S. Guzman ( President of Bolivia from 1925 to 1926), Jacobo A. Guzman (President of Guatemala from 1951 to 1954), Ramon Guzman (professional football player), Jack Guzman (actor), Suzanna Guzman (opera singer) and Freddy Guzman (professional baseball player).

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