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A German surname, Hahn comes from the Middle High German term ‘hane’ which means a rooster. The spelling variations for Hahn including Hahen, Hahnn, Hahenn, Haahnn and Haahn. In Mecklenburg, Germany the Hahn surname originated. In the mid-1800s many with the Hahn surname resettled in other countries. Some moved to other countries in Europe and others came to Canada and settled in Ontario and the Canadian Prairies or to the United States. In England a few scattered locations for the Hahn surname. Most are in the city of London, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Cornwall, Durham, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Lincolnshire. In Scotland the main location of any Hahn families was in Fife county. Within the United States the original Hahn families settled in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Illinois. Ohio, Texas and California. Famous: Otto Hahn (co-developer of the uranium atom and received the Nobel Prize), Alfred A. Hahn (Art Deco architect for government buildings and hotels), David Hahn (cartoonist), Hilary Hahn (outstanding violinist), Philipp Matthaus Hahn (18th century German inventor of a mechanical calculator), Dave Hahn (musician - guitar and songwriter), Billy Hahn (professional basketball coach) and Reynaldo Hahn (a music composer from Venezuela).

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