Hale Family Name


An English surname, the family name of Hale comes from the Old English term of ‘halh‘ and ‘healh’ which means a hollow or recessed place.

The Irish spelling for Hale is McHale.

Spelling variations for Hale include Hailes, Hayles, Haile, Hail, Hales and Hayle.

In the Cheshire region is where the Hale families first lived. Hale families in England are scattered from Yorkshire in the north to Staffordshire in the mid-lands to Somerset and Hampshire in the south portion of the country. There is also a larger Hale population in London and to the north of the city. In Scotland the regions of Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire have the grater percentage of Hale families.

The states of Texas, Oklahoma, California, New York, Massachusetts, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana and Colorado have the greater percentage of Hale families in the United States.

Famous: Barbara Hale (actress), Alan Hale Sr. (actor), David Hale (professional football player), Nathan Hale (American Revolutionary War spy), Ruth Hale (playwright), Danny Hale (football for Northern Ireland), Edward Hale (18th century cricket player for England) and George E. Hale (astronomer).

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