Harmon Family Name


An English surname with it original beginnings as a German name of Hermann. It also may have come from the names of Harman and Hardiman. The Old French form is ‘hermant’ which means warrior. The Harmon family name originated in the Suffolk area.

The spelling variation for Harmon is Harman.
Harmon families in England are mostly in the city of London, in Essex, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Middlesex. In Wales the higher numbers of Harmon families is in Glamorgan.

In Scotland most Harmon families live in the western section especially in Ayrshire and Renfrewshire.

The states of Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York have the greater Harmon population within the United States.

Famous: Terry Harmon (professional baseball player), Daniel Williams Harmon (19th century American explorer, fur trader and writer), William Harmon (poet), Dick Harmon (professional golfer), Angie Harmon (actress), Mark Harmon (actor) and Raymond Salvatore Harmon (artist for films and record production).

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