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The English surname of Harrell is from Old French term of ‘hurer’ which meant bristle, including someone with a lot of hair. It is also another form of the given name of Harold. Variations in spelling Harrell include Horrell, Orrell, Hurren, Harrill and Hurrell. In England the Harrell surname was scatted across the nation. The greater populations were in the city of London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lancashire, Devon and Wiltshire. In Scotland mostly in Angus, Perthshire and Midlothian were there Harrell families. Within the United States most with the Harrell surname lived in the southern states. The highest populations were in Texas, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Missouri. Famous: Graham Harrell (professional football player), Todd Harrell (musician), James N. Harrell (actor), Lynn Harrell (classical cellist), Donwan Harrell (fashion designer) and Andre Harrell (singer and founder of Uptown Records).

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