Harrington Family Name


A Scottish surname the Harrington family name came from a region on the Scottish and English border in Cumberland. The Old English term of ‘haferingtun’ means a settlement.

A spelling variation for Harrington is Harington.

In Ireland the Harrington name is mostly in County Kerry. In England the Harrington name is mostly in Essex and the city of London. Other clusters of Harrington families are in Lancashire and Yorkshire.
The counties of Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Midlothian, Angus and Fife in Scotland have high populations of Harrington families.

In Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Texas and California in the United States are the most Harrington families.

Famous: Richard Harrington (actor from Wales), Alan Harrington (footballer from Wales), Chris Harrington (professional football player), Edward Harrington (poet and short story writer from Australia), Jay Harrington (actor), John Harrington (17th century English inventor of the flush toilet, the Ajax in 1596), Melissa Harrington (actress) and Thomas Harrington (founder of Thomas Harrington Ltd. who made coaches – buses).

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