Harris Family Name


A Welsh and English surname meaning the of Harry. The given name of Harry is a form of the name Henry. Its meaning is that of home ruler. The surname of Harrison would also be the son of Harris or Henry or Harry.

The other spellings for Harris include Herrice, Harrison, Harries, Herries, Haris, Harrys, Harys and Harriss.

The Harris surname is founded in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In he United States, the surname is located in most southern states as well as Texas, California and mid-western states of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and the northeast states of New York and Pennsylvania.

Famous: Bernard Harris (U. S. astronaut), Neil Patrick Harris (actor), Franco Harris (professional football player), Errol Harris (African philosopher), Ace Harris (pianist), Emmylou Harris (singer), Jesse Harris (singer, songwriter, and guitarist), Major Harris (professional football player), Matthew Harris (composer) and Moses Harris (18thcentury English entomologist and engraver).

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