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An English surname, Hatfield comes from the Old English terms ‘hae’ and ‘feld’ which means the heather and open country areas, a field of heather also. The spelling variations for Hatfield include Hadfield and Hatfeild. In England the Hatfield families are primarily in the northern sections. The greater populations are in Yorkshire, Lancashire and then south in the city of London. There are some lesser numbers with the Hatfield name in part of Wales and into the central and eastern regions of England. In Scotland the major concentration for those with the Hatfield name has been in Midlothian and Lanarkshire counties. Within the United States the Hatfield families originated in West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Washington, and Missouri. Famous: Julianna Hatfield (singer and songwriter), Bobby Hatfield (half of the singing group ‘The Righteous Brothers’), Frederick Hatfield (champion power lifter), William Anderson Hatfield (senior relative of the Hatfield clan of West Virginia involved in the late 1800s feud of the Hatfields and the McCoys) and James Hatfield (writer).

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