Heath Family Name


An English surname, Heath comes from Old English term ‘haeth’ and ‘hethe’ which refers to the homeland of woody areas and to heather. A variation for spelling Heath is Hethe. In England the Heath surname is mostly in Staffordshire, the city of London, Yorkshire, Kent, Hampshire, Somerset and Lancashire. In Scotland a few counties have the Heath surname, those of Midlothian and Lanarkshire. In Dublin, Ireland there are many individuals with the Heath surname. Within the United States the primarily location for those with the Heath surname are Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Famous: Charles Heath (19th century English engraver), Matt Heath (writer), Ted Heath (bandleader), Percy Heath (musician), Michael Heath (cartoonist), Tobin Heath (soccer player), Rodney Heath (tennis player from Australia) and Robert Heath (17th century founder of North Carolina).

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