Henry Family Name


An English, Irish and French surname the Henry family name originally came from the Germanic language. The word ‘haimirich’ referred to home ruler. The Latin form was Henricus.

In German the Henry surname is spelled Heinrich, in Swedish it is Henning, in Italian the Henry name is Enrico, the Portuguese language has Enrique and in French it is Henri.

An Irish spelling was Ó hInnéirghe and then to McEnery.

Different spellings for Henry are O’Henry, Henrey, Henri, Fitzhenry, Heneries and Henery.

Those with the Henry surname are in London, Lancashire and Yorkshire counties in England. In Wales Henry families live mostly in Glamorgan country. Within Scotland several areas have the Henry surname, especially Lanarkshire and Kirkcudbrightshire counties.

The states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio plus most of the southern and central southern states have the Henry surname.

Famous: Benjamin Tyler Henry (19th century inventor of the Henry rifle), Paul Henry (19th century French astronomer), George Henry (19th century Scottish artist), Mike Henry (professional football player and actor), Jim Henry (singer), John Henry (19th century baseball player) and Patrick Henry (18th century politician and revolutionary).

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