Hicks Family Name


An English surname of Hicks originally came from the Yorkshire region in England before 1000 AD. It refers to the son of Hick. The name Hick was a form of the given name Richard.

Spelling forms for Hicks include Hix, Hick and Hickes.

In Wales, the Hick surname is very common, especially in the southern and western coastal areas.

Throughout England the Hick surname is common especially in the southern regions and the far southwest county of Cornwall. The Scottish counties of Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire have the greater percentage of Hick families.

In the United States, Hick families cover over half of the central and eastern states. The states of North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Virginia, Texas, California and Ohio have the greatest numbers of Hick families.

Famous: Catherine B. Hicks (actress), George E. Hicks (19th century English artist), Betty Hicks (professional golfer), Dwight Hicks (professional football player), Henry Hicks (19th century Welsh geologist), Thomas Hicks (artist) and Taylor Hicks (singer).

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