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The surname of Hodge comes from the given name of Roger and the original Middle English term of ‘hog‘. This original German name was ‘hrod’ which meant renown and ‘geri’ which meant a spear. Spelling variations for Hodge include Hodgson, Hodgetts, Hodgeson, Hoge and Hodges. In England the area with the most Hodge families is in Lancashire and Yorkshire counties. Also to the southwest in Cornwell, Somerset and Devon are many Hodge families. In Scotland the Hodge surname is found in Midlothian, Lanarkshire, Angus and Ayrshire counties. Within the United States Hodges families primarily reside in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, California, New York, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Famous: Danny Hodge (professional boxer and wrestler), Susie Hodge (English writer and illustrator), Julius Hodge (professional basketball player), Paul W. Hodge (astronomer), Al Hodge (songwriter and musician) and Abdul Hodge (professional football player).

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