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A German and English surname, the House name comes from the Old English term of ‘hus’, then the Middle English term of ’hous’ which referred to the main residence or dwelling. The Old German term of ‘khusan’ was also referring to a dwelling. The spelling variations for House include Hause, Haus, Hoose, Howse, Dehouse, Houssier, Houzelle, Houssiaux and Housaman. The common German spelling of the surname is Haus. In England the main concentration of House families is in the southern region. The counties of Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset, Berkshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire and the city of London and to the north in Yorkshire. In Scotland House families reside in Perthshire, Angus, Midlothian, Lanarkshire and Fife counties. Within the United States the House surname primarily originated in New York, Connecticut, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama. Famous: Jack House (English writer), Yoanna House (fashion model), Royal Earl House (19th century inventor of the printed telegraph message, later forming the Great western Telegraph Co.), Henry Alonzo House (19th century inventor of the button hole machine and knitting machine), Tom House (professional baseball player) and Eddie House (professional basketball player).

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