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A German and English surname are the origins for Huffman. The German term of ’hof’ meant a settlement and ’mann’ referred to a man. It was used to mean someone owning and caring for land. In England the name is spelled Hoffman and Hofman. In Germany it is spelled Hoffmann and Hofmann. The name changed in America to Huffman. Variations to spelling Huffman include Hofmann, Hoffman, Hofemann, Hoverman, Hoefmann, Hovermann and Hoeffmann. In England, Huffman families are mostly in the city of London and in Lancashire county. The Huffman surname is popular in the central and western sections of Germany. Within the United States many Huffman families originated from Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, California, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky and Kansas. Famous: Felicity Huffman (movie film and television actress), David A. Huffman creator of Huffman coding in computer science), Nate Huffman (professional football player), David Huffman (actor), Maven Huffman (professional wrestler), Robert Huffman (race car driver), George P. Huffman (founder of Huffy Corp for manufacturing bicycles), Cady Huffman (actress) and Booker Huffman (professional wrestler).

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